The multinational technology company, situated in California has etched its way in almost every consumer’s mind. Apple has built its brand to be recognised as one of the ‘Big Tech’ companies within the world.

With 5G’s popularity & presence increasing each & everyday, technology, especially within the cellular network has to change. Apple plans on producing at least 75 million 5G iPhones later during the year, as well as four new iPhone models with 5G technology in October. According to reports, of the four models two will have updated squared edges & the other two will be high-end.

Apart from cellphone devices, Apple plans to launch a new iPad Air, two new Apple watches & over-ear headphones in October – which is a first for the tech giant.

The two regular models will have a new 5’4 – inch screen and an optional 6’1 – inch OLED screen, which will be Apple’s largest display built into an iPhone.