Convert XEN to KVM on SolusVM

1. Shutdown VM
2. Check what VM ID is for example vm102
3. SSH into Server and run: dd if=/dev/xen_vg/vm102_img of=/home/backup/xenvm102.img bs=1M
4. FTP or transfer the file via SCP,etc. to new KVM server.
5. Create a new KVM VPS via SolusVM for client
6. Run: dd if=/backup/xenvm102.img of=/dev/mapper/VG0-kvm106_img bs=1M (Note: KVM106 is the new VM ID)
7. Note doesn’t seem to work with virtio drivers I had to change all to default like intel and IDE.
8. Start VPS and give same IP address and there you go 🙂 Magic!


Note: These were Xen HVM servers initially.