Since November 2014, we’ve been testing SPDY protocol support in secret with some customers. Today, we’re making it public.

All sites that have SSL enabled come with SPDY version 2/3.1 support.

What does that mean in english? Basically, if you enabled SSL on your site, you are using technology that will be the basis of the next generation of the web. SPDY is a protocol designed initially at Google, that dramatically speeds up the page load time of a site by replacing the old HTTP 1.1 protocol, with something designed for today, and the future.

With SPDY, you don’t need to do things like add multiple host names for assets in your HTML, to get around the concurrent downloads problems. You can download most of the page in one connection, thus reducing overhead on your connection, and ours.

Does this make my site faster automatically?

Yes, if your visitors are using a browser that speaks SPDY (most new browsers do), then it’ll load the site faster. If they’re using an older browser, then it will fall back gracefully to the older protocol.

How do I know if my site is using SPDY?

Currently, if you’re using SSL, your site is using SPDY, we charge extra for SSL, so unless you use SSL, it won’t be enabled. If you’re using SSL, you can go to spdycheck.org and see if it’s enabled.

Special Thanks

We’d like to thank all our customers that tested and helped us in the testing phase.