cpanel vps website hosting

cpanel vps website hosting

So You’ve Purchased VPS hosting with Hostking. Here is how to install Cpanel on any of our VPS Servers.

Cpanel is the #1 control panel used today by all web hosting companies. It comes with many addons and features that makes it extremely easy for your clients or yourself to manage domains/websites/email accounts.

Lets begin.

1. SSH into your new server. If you not sure how you can use mremote/putty on windows or use the terminal on Linux/Mac.

To SSH on Linux or Mac go to terminal and type ssh root@ipaddress and enter your password when requested.

On Windows you will need to just fill out the boxes that request hostname with the ip address and then username and password. Be sure to select SSH v2

2. Once connected you can then go to /home directory. We prefer CentOs over any OS as we’ve used it for all our hosting servers and it has proven to be the most stable thus far. Also the nice thing about it aswell is you can easily convert it to CloudLinux which is a better OS for Shared Hosting than ever before. Google it and be amazed!

3. Now install Perl. Usually something most system administrators forget. Type yum install perl and agree to all questions

4. Now type: wget -N http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/latest

5. This will install Cpanel which when completed after an hour or 2 can be accessed via https://ipaddress:2087

6. You’ll be greeted by the initial setup which can be filled in with all your information. Note: You can leave the resolvers to google which are quite trustworthy and fast in my opinion.

7. If you have any questions you can email us at support[at]hostking.io (Replace [at] with @ when emailing)

I hope this helps anyone that requires this and I’ll be sure to post more articles on Cpanel soon.