Hostking is proud to announce that we have now introduced Ploop Containers for VPS Servers and also introduced VSwap aswell. This helps in many ways but let me introduce the benefits thereof quickly:


In a nutshell:

  • File system journal is not bottleneck anymore
  • Large-size image files I/O instead of lots of small-size files I/O on management operations
  • Disk space quota can be implemented based on virtual device sizes; no need for per-directory quotas
  • Number of inodes doesn’t have to be limited because this is not a shared resource anymore (each CT has its own file system)
  • Live backup is easy and consistent
  • Live migration is reliable and efficient
  • Different containers may use file systems of different types and properties
  • Efficient container creation
  • [Potential] support for QCOW2 and other image formats
  • Support for different storage types

VSwap Benefits:

Starting with the Red Hat 6 Kernel, OpenVZ provides a new fairer, and simpler memory allocation called VSwap.  Essentially this guarantees an exact amount of physical memory that will be allocated to your VPS, no more, no less.  Furthermore, it guarantees an exact amount of “Virtual Swap” which boosts up your total memory, much the same way a swap partition does on a paravirtualised or physical server.

VSwap has a performance consistent with real swap memory.  The term “Virtual Swap” alludes to the fact that environment inside the VPS is abstracted away from the actual management of swap memory.  This is also the case with UBC, but the performance with VSwap is guaranteed to be consistent..

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