We get questions quite a bit as to how to start a web hosting business using our reseller hosting plans. This guide is there to assist and make it easier to understand all the requirements and steps.

Firstly ensure you know atleast the basics.

– What web hosting is
– What a domain is
– What a web hosting package costs of
– What web servers do
– What DNS is
– What NS Records are as you will be using them to register domains
– What are TLDS or domain types that exist

Some KB Articles could help on the above: Introduction to Web Hosting

Basically read alot of posts on all this. May take a few days or could possibly take one full day to get your head around it. Though if you just want to design websites for your clients using our site builder then it should not take you that long to get a basic understanding of reseller hosting and web hosting as a whole.

Now lets say you want to start a web hosting business what are the requirements.

Get a Domain name

You’ll need a domain name firstly. Something catchy or specific to your reselling business. If you will be designing websites or using our sitebuilder to design the websites choose a name specific to the web hosting industry. For eg. Hostking Web Designs would be hostkingwebdesigns.co.za or hostkingweb.co.za, etc. Play with many options until you get the perfect fit for your design company. If you will be doing reseller of web hosting services then choose a name that as hosting or web in it. Does not help with SEO much any more but does help your brand name.

Choose a plan

We always recommend starting with the “starter” plans before jumping onto the big ones. Mainly because they are more affordable. As you get more clients you will be able to move up to a higher plan. Understand what you get and ask us questions. Check our knowledgebase aswell for more information.

Understand How the Control Panel works

We give you access to a WHM control panel for Linux reseller hosting plans or Websitepanel for the Windows Resellers. Understand the plans by going through the knowledgebase articles thoroughly.

WHM Control Panel KB Articles – Click Here

Cpanel Control Panel KB Articles – Click Here

WebsitePanel Control Panel KB Articles – Click Here

Create Your Hosting Plans

Now create your plans that you will be offering to potential customers to your website. You can do this within WHM or Websitepanel.

Design Your Website

Now design your website. You will find many templates on the web that are free for WordPress, html,etc. I would recommend to start with WordPress first as it is easier and the most popular currently to design a website with. Alternatively you can even use our website builder, RVsitebuilder which has templates for web hosting companies aswell.

You can find KB Articles on this aswell at: Click Here


Ensure you have a FAQ on your website to counter all the basic questions clients may have.

Keep reading thereafter, join forums on web hosting, cpanel forum, websitepanel forum ,etc.
It can become very profitable eventually.