Convert XEN to KVM on SolusVM Servers

Convert XEN to KVM on SolusVM

1. Shutdown VM
2. Check what VM ID is for example vm102
3. SSH into Server and run: dd if=/dev/xen_vg/vm102_img of=/home/backup/xenvm102.img bs=1M
4. FTP or transfer the file via SCP,etc. to new KVM server.
5. Create a new KVM VPS via SolusVM for client
6. Run: dd if=/backup/xenvm102.img of=/dev/mapper/VG0-kvm106_img bs=1M (Note: KVM106 is the new VM ID)
7. Note doesn’t seem to work with virtio drivers I had to change all to default like intel and IDE.
8. Start VPS and give same IP address and there you go 🙂 Magic!


Note: These were Xen HVM servers initially.