WordPress is one of the most common web applications that receives threats & attacks. Due to its popularity, majority of users promote their websites through SEO – which requires an amount of information from WordPress in the form of blogs. All WordPress users & page owners should provide an additional layer of security to their page.

Nulled Plugins:
A nulled plugin is a replica version of the premium WordPress products. These plugins are distributed in a deceitful manner through the internet. Nulled plugins are considered as another form of web attacks & should be avoided at all costs.

Why nulled plugins should be avoided:
Security: Nulled WordPress plugins are known to carry malware which are extremely hazardous to your website. The malicious code contained in the plugin can be a bit of a challenge when trying to detect and fix it. There is a possibility of you losing your data during the process.

Privacy: Nulled WordPress plugins contain different variations of malicious code that’s hidden. This might include code that steals information from your WordPress site. This can be extremely dangerous if you’re running a website that contains personal information of users.

SEO rankings:
Nulled plugins could completely tarnish your WordPress SEO rankings completely. It can add spam links to your website that potentially redirects your traffic. It creates bad back links which in turn damages your ratings.

Automatic updates:
In order for your automatic updates to occur, a license key might be needed. You may have to perform these updates on your own if your plugin is missing a license key. It’s time consuming & a complicated task to perform in general.

So what does one do?
To answer majority of the concerns regarding the topic, do not install plugins from unreliable sources. It is best to pay for premium products rather than downloading it from untrustworthy sources.